Rookie Rescuer

Learning about God and First Responder work through 'Real' calls!

Tommy Man
WORKBOOKforBOYS & GIRLS 2nd - 6th Grade
  • 12 Emergency Calls!

    Kids will ride along with 'Firefighter Tom' on 12 exciting 'first responder' calls and learn valuable practical and spirtual lesson from each one. A memory verse, word definitions and insightful questions follow each call.

  • 'Family of God' Section

    Kids will read a clear and orderly presentation of the Gospel.

  • 3 'Field Trip' visits

    Kids take a 'Field Trip' to a local fire station, an EMS Station, and a Fire Hydrant.

Twelve action-packed calls with spacing for write-on answers to practical and spirtual truths learned on each call. Clear presention of the Gospel, educated field trips and more!

  • Shark Bites!!
  • Explosions!!
  • Building Fires!!
  • Medical Calls!!

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Tommy Neiman Portait

Rookie Rescuer

Learning about God and First Responder work through 'Real' calls!

About the Author, Firefighter Tommy Neiman.

Tommy 'Firefighter Tom' is a career firefighter/paramedic with over 30 years of expierence in a busy area of south Florida. He and his wife have 3 married children who were homeschooled. In 2003 Tommy was honored as Florida Firefigher of the Year.

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Rookie Rescuer Front Cover

Workbook for Kids!

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'Rookie Rescuer' Summary

Tommy Man

Your child will learn about God and First Responder Work through Real Calls!

  • 12 units (calls) with spacing for write-in answers to practical and spiritual questions
  • 'Family of God' section
  • Three field trip visits: Fire station, EMS station, Fire Hydrant (with instructions for parents/teachers)
  • Answer Sheets
Certification Award

Rookie Rescuer Certificate Page

  • Holds student interest (Parents/Teachers, too!)
  • Biblically sound
  • Spiritual questions promote great dialogue with students
  • Creates awareness and respect for 'First Responders'
  • Clear explanation of the gospel - 'Family of God' Section
  • Calls presented in real but non-graphic ways
  • Memory verse and word definitions with each chapter
  • Great addition to home school or Christian school curriculum
  • Fun ...... will be a favorite of your student!
  • Shark Bites, Building Fires, Explosions, Wild Fires and more!
Sirens for The Cross

For more information about the real Firefighter Tom, visit Sirens for the Cross Ministries

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